This weekend you can really stand out (and even show off) to your friends by organising THE Halloween dinner party that will have people talking for days. For a DIY spooky dinner, we’ve gathered some funny yet delicious Halloween recipes to satisfy everyone’s tastes.
Beware, the dead are coming…


Spooky drinks for adults

Cause… you know… there’s no party without drinks, so keep those cocktails coming please!

Spooky cocktails for a spooky night




Spooky drinks for kids

Have the children drink and play among the witches and wizards, colourful worms and fluorescent spiders. It’s every child’s spooky dream.

You can never go wrong with punch





What’s not to love in this delicious pumpkin puke? Not sure about it? Come on, you know you want some…

Help yourself, don’t be shy!




Main dish

Now you can have a real “Walking Dead experience” and do what zombies do best. 😉

When in Zombieland…




Desserts for movie time

Tasty hands

Feel like treating yourself to a crunchy severed pair of hands maybe? Hey, you said you needed some adrenaline in your life the other day, didn’t you?

Lovely manicure honey




Crunchy skull

The sweetest (and only) skull you will ever try, hopefully!

Some popcorn skull for dessert?




Fearful Frankenstein cake

No one said you have to go that scary all over the dinner table. Surely your kids won’t be afraid of friendly Frankie, will they?

Ain’t that the cutest Frankenstein you ever seen?




Diabolic cupcakes

Who could have thought that some innocent M&Ms could turn Cupcakes into scary seeds of evil?

Like Michael Jackson would say: “Somebody is watching me..”.




Ghostly cupcakes

The cutest ghosts ever since Casper. And that’s saying a lot!





Do you have other fun Halloween recipes? Tell us about them in the comments below!