We all know and love popcorn as a light and tasty snack all on its own. But from popcorn balls to marshmallow popcorn squares, we’ve been finding new ways to enjoy it. If you’re a cupcake lover and you want to try something new, then popcorn can be the perfect accompaniment. Here are three recipes you will definitely want to try!


Popcorn and jelly beans

Jelly Belly jelly beans have grown massively in popularity over here and we might be biased, but the buttered popcorn ones are our favourites. This recipe celebrates the flavour in all its glory by incorporating one of those jellybeans right in the middle of a cupcake and a pinch of salt just to add the traditional cinema taste on top. While they’re baking, you can make the swiss meringue buttercream topping that keeps the buttery flavour without making it over-powering. When you’re done and finishing the icing, garnish with two or three pieces of popcorn for every cupcake. Our Creamy Butter sprinkles can add just the right consistency of flavour! Definitely for those who want a cupcake that not only incorporates popcorn but keeps it thematic with the focus on a buttery flavour which makes it the perfect choice for a movie night.

Something light for the chocoholics


If you love chocolate, you’re going to love this recipe. It has all the sweetness without worrying about being naughty. All it takes is 90g of dark chocolate for one batch, melted with a teaspoon of coconut oil that forms delicious glaze that helps the popcorn stick to the cupcakes. If you want a little extra touch of sweetness, then add some Pop ‘n’ Sprinkle candy caramel to the popcorn before drizzling the chocolate over them and sticking them to the cupcakes. It’s best to leave it in the fridge to let the chocolate cool, but not too much if you want a warm, slightly sticky and delicious treat.

Taste of the tropics


Coconut is an ingredient of this recipe too, but it takes the centre stage alongside cinnamon, adding a bit of an exotic taste to the cupcakes. What’s better, the use of coconut milk means it’s a perfect milk-free recipe so anyone with lactose intolerance is welcome to the party, as well! Instead of using full popcorn, this recipe calls for crushing it up into fine little bits and sprinkling them all over the coconut frosting. If you’re not a huge fan of cinnamon, you can instead go for a sweeter option like our Candy Caramel Sprinkles. When the popcorn’s all crushed up into a dust like that, it means that caramel flavour can mix in even better.

Tasty popcorn cupcakes


Popcorn goes well with all kinds of unexpected treats and with our variety of flavours, Cupcakes are just one example, but we’ve seen cheesecake, rocky roads, and even frozen smoothies all incorporating our favourite microwaveable snack. Pop ‘n Sprinkle can help you explore even more taste sensations with that one ingredient alone. So, get shaking and baking!


What do you think of these recipes?