1.And finally he agreed to spend his mornings writing in that retrospective vein.


n A retrospective is an exhibition or showing of work done by an artist over many years, rather than his or her most recent work.

adj 1)Retrospective laws or legal actions take effect from a date before the date when they are officially approved.

2)Retrospective feelings or opinions concern things that happened in the past.


n 1)Your veins are the thin tubes in your body through which your blood flows towards your heart.

2)Something that is written or spoken in a particular vein is written or spoken in that style or mood.

3)A vein of a particular quality is evidence of that quality which someone often shows in their behaviour or work.

4)A vein of a particular metal or mineral is a layer of it lying in rock.

5)The veins on a leaf are the thin lines on it.


2.Now he can hardly believe what a liberating journey he is embarked on.

embark on:着手做某事If you embark on something new, difficult, or exciting, you start doing it.

When someone embarks on a ship, they go on board before the start of a journey.

3.She has rung us into her Mississippi girlhood with the chiming of clocks up and down the stairs and even out onto the sleeping porch.


v When a bell or a clock chimes, it makes ringing sounds.

n 1)A chime is a ringing sound made by a bell, especially when it is part of a clock.

2)Chimes are a set of small objects which make a ringing sound when they are blown by the wind.

chime in: If you chime in, you say something just after someone else has spoken.


n 1)A porch is a sheltered area at the entrance to a building. It has a roof and sometimes has walls.

2)A porch is a raised platform built along the outside wall of a house and often covered with a roof.


Of all the subjects available to you as a writer, the one you know best is yourself: your past and your present, your thoughts and your emotions. Yet it’s probably the subject you try hardest to avoid.

Writing about one’s life is naturally related to how long one has lived.

Which brings me to memoir as a form.

One secert of the art is detail.

But the most interesting character in a memoir, we hope, will turn out to be the person who wrote it.

The best gift you have to offer when you write personal history is the gift of yourself. Give yourself permission to write about yourself, and have a good time doing it.